Out of District Forms

Non-Resident Students


Students residing with their parent or legal guardian outside of the Brewton City School attendance zone may submit a written application to the Principal for enrollment in the Brewton City School District. Approval of such enrollment will be based on the following:


  1. Whether or not the school system currently has an instructional program that will meet the educational, physical, and emotional needs of the student;
  2. The ability to accommodate the applicant without placing undue financial burden on the school system;
  3. Availability of space, at the grade level and school;
  4. Acceptable previous attendance as evidenced by the attendance record;
  5. Acceptable behavior as evidenced by the discipline record;
  6. Acceptable academic performance as evidenced by the academic record.


Any failure to comply with the rules and regulations of Brewton City Schools may be cause for the immediate revocation of enrollment in Brewton City Schools.  Additionally, the Superintendent has the right to revoke the enrollment of non-resident students based on any of the following conditions:


  • Inappropriate behavior or poor disciplinary record;
  • Excessive tardiness to school or poor school attendance record;
  • Unsatisfactory academic performance;
  • Delinquent tuition or other fees
  • Any other good or sufficient reason deemed by administration.


Brewton City Schools will not provide transportation services to non-resident students.


Brewton City Schools reserves the right to deny non-resident student admission without cause or explanation.  The authority to deny or revoke admission is vested solely in the Superintendent, and there is no right to challenge or appeal the decision of the Superintendent.


Students applying for enrollment are considered on an individual basis.  The enrollment of a student does not assure the enrollment of a sibling.   Neither does the revocation of a student’s enrollment affect the status of a sibling.


Payment of Fees by Non-resident Students


The non-refundable fees for non-resident students is $125 per family per year.  Fees must be paid in full prior to enrollment. In subsequent years, failure to pay fees prior to the beginning of the school year will cause the student(s) to be withdrawn from Brewton City Schools.


If during the school year it becomes evident that a student actually resides outside the Brewton City School zone, fees will become due immediately or the student will be withdrawn. 


Brewton City Schools

Non-Resident Enrollment Request Form



___________________________________              _____________          ____________

Student Name                                                                         Grade                          Date of Birth


___________________________________              ______________________________

Street Address                                                                        Student Social Security Number


___________________________________              ______________________________

City                             State                Zip                  Prior School(s) Attended


___________________________________              _____________          ____________

Parent/Guardian                                                         Parent Phone               Parent Cell


Reason for requesting transfer to Brewton:  __________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. A school transcript (including attendance history), the latest report card, and a discipline report dating back at least two academic years must be attached to this application.
  2. If your child is receiving special services, a current service plan must be attached.
  3. Completed applications must be submitted in person to the desired school.
  4. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  5. No student under suspension, expulsion, or other disciplinary action in another school district will be considered.
  6. Permission to attend Brewton City Schools may be revoked at any time on the basis of conduct, attendance, academic performance, or any other just reason as deemed by the administration.
  7. Transportation to and from school is the responsibility of the parent.
  8. If approved, an enrollment packet will need to be filled out at the school where the student will attend.
  9. By signing this form, you are agreeing to abide by the Brewton City Schools Code of Conduct, standards of academic effort, and attendance requirements.


_________________________          _________________________          ____________

Parent Signature                                 Student Signature                               Date


For official use only:



                                                            ___________________________            _______________

  Not Approved                               Principal                                             Date

Brewton City Schools

Non-Resident Enrollment Application Evaluation Form



            ___________________________________              _____________         

            Student Name                                                                         Grade                         


  • The standard of conduct requires that the student’s discipline record be free of repeated Class II offenses and free of any Class III/IV offenses as categorized by the Brewton City Schools Code of Conduct. Students under current disciplinary action in another school district are not eligible for enrollment.
  • The standard of attendance requires that the student have no more that 10 absences per year during each of the previous two years. School administrators may make an exception for consecutive, long-term absences related to extenuating circumstances that have supporting documentation.
  • The academic standard for high school students will be the eligibility requirements for participation in athletics as set forth by the AHSAA. All other grades will use the AHSAA eligibility requirements for students entering the 8th grade. A student who would not be eligible to participate based on these guidelines is not eligible to enroll, regardless of grade.  High school students must have sufficient number and types of credit in order to be on track to graduate prior to enrollment.
  • The information submitted may be verified by calling the previous school attended. Falsifying information on the application will result in the application being denied.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Yes           No                                                                                                         NA


The student meets the standard of conduct required for              _____        _____        _____

enrollment in Brewton City Schools.


The student meets the standard of attendance required for         _____        _____        _____

enrollment in Brewton City Schools.


The student meets the standard of academic effort required       _____        _____        _____

for enrollment in Brewton City Schools.


504/SPED students can be served under current programs          _____        _____        _____


Sufficient space is available to accommodate the applicant       _____        _____        _____


The student’s previous school was called to verify the               _____        _____        _____

information contained in the application.



            ___________________________________              _____________         

            Signature of Reviewer                                                            Date

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