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Congratulations Warrior Award Winner Kyle Blevins,

Warrior Award Winner
Kyle Blevins, T.R. Miller
The South Alabama Sports Warrior Award is given to a player who has been there for their teammates when they’ve been hurt, or when they’re battling other issues. Also, this award goes to an athlete who we think has been a warrior, whether it be, in the weight room, on the field, or even at practice. If you’ve seen Kyle Blevins play this last season, you will see a warrior.
Kyle tore his Tommy John pitching in a game against the Jay Royals a couple of weeks ago. He still showed up for his team, and was still that leader had been prior to the injury. Kyle was still in the lineup, mainly used as a courtesy runner, but in the quarterfinals he was put back in the batting order.
Most players in Kyle’s position would’ve taken the rest of the year off, and would’ve had surgery right then. Kyle Blevins decided that he wanted to finish the year out with his team, and he wanted to give everything he could for his team no matter what he had to do. If you’ve ever seen how his teammates rally around him, then you know how know how much Kyle means to them.
There’s not many young men like Kyle Blevins in today’s game, but our area is blessed.
Good luck Kyle and Get Well Soon!🐅
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