Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Rhonda Joyner

I graduated from Auburn University at Montgomery in May 1990 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. I received my Master's degree in October 1992, and in October 1998 I received my Library Media-Specialist degree.  I taught speech at W.S. Neal Elementary from August 1990 to May 1992. I began teaching first grade at Pollard-McCall Jr. High School in August 1992 to May 1998. In August 1998 to May 2000 I became the Library Media-Specialist for Pollard-McCall for grades K-8. In August to present I am the Library Media-Specialist for Brewton Elementary School.

I am married to Randy L. Joyner and we have two sons and four grandchildren. I love reading and I love reading to children, I believe this quote with all my heart, "If you give a child a book...Then he'll want to take another look and another and another and another. He might read one to his mother. He might read one to his brother. He might read one to his friend, to the very, very, end...And then he'll want to start all over again!"