It’s my honor to be the new principal of Brewton Elementary School and on behalf of the faculty and staff, welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  There are many new and exciting things happening this year at BES.  We are excited to have been selected to begin a Alabama First Class Pre-K classroom as well as an additional Kindergarten class, both of which will be located in the Central Office’s Early Learning Center.   Improvements to instructional technologies and programs as well as the renovation of our restroom facilities throughout the school will also brighten up the year.

    At BES we believe not only that “Everyone Learns, Every Day”, but also that Brewton Elementary will be THE school where the love of learning begins.  With that, we believe our school has more than just “students”, who by definition are just enrolled.  We have LEARNERS, who are actively engaged and succeeding in the academic process.  Our expectation is that everyday our school is engaging learners in rigorous, appropriate, and differentiated content by compassionate professionals in an environment that is safe, nurturing, and inspiring to our children.

    In addition to instructional technologies and early learning, an additional focus will be on attendance.  There will be changes to our attendance policies that are both reflective of the dangers of chronic absenteeism and more importantly the impact on our learners’ education.  Please help us reducing our absences and improving the education of our children.

    We look forward to a great year, full of new experiences for EVERY learner in our school.  Please follow us on our Facebook page and through our teachers’ Remind apps.  We welcome and value your communication, please contact us at the school office at (251) 867-8410 if you have any concerns.


    Thank you and Go Tigers!


    Barry Wood, Principal