The Brewton City Board of Education believes that your child can best be educated in an environment that is conducive to learning, and that effective instruction requires orderly disciplinary standards, rules, and procedures.  In order to establish an orderly and safe learning environment the following activities are supervised by the superintendent and the local school principals:


    • Provide to each parent or guardian a copy of the Brewton City Schools: Student Code of Conduct and    Parentand Student Notification booklet.
    • Each school principal develops a student handbook and distributes to each student and parent.
    • Each School has a school safety plan and works in partnership with police and fire department on emergency procedures.
    • In partnership with local law enforcement, fire department officials, and the Escambia County Children's Policy Council, Brewton City Schools seeks to educate its students about the dangers of drugs, violence, fire, and bullying through the following programs:
      • D.A.R.E.
      • Drugs Erase Dreams
      • Red Ribbon Week
      • Fire Safety Week
      • Comprehensive Counseling Programs

     These programs are educational and are designed to go hand and hand with our academic curriculum.

    • In partnership with the City of Brewton and the Brewton Police Department each school has access to a trained uniformed police officer at each school. Brewton's school resource officers are trained yearly on the usage of their firearms and meet the APOST standards for qualifications on their firearms. All school floor plans and emergency procedures are placed on a secure online portal for the use of first responders i.e. police and fire.  
    • Brewton City Schools complies with the federal Gun-Free School Act of 1994.  In accordance with this act, all local boards of education to expel for not less than one year any student who brings a firearm onto a school campus.  (Board Policy 3.42)
    • Brewton City Schools complies with Alabama Administrative Code 290-3-1 (b) 1.  In accordance with this act, all Alabama school district must allow law enforcement agencies periodic visits to local schools to detect the presence of illegal drugs, unannounced to anyone except the local superintendent and building principal. (Board Policy 3.40)
    • Brewton City Schools in order to insure a positive and disciplined environment for your child, Brewton Middle and T.R. Miller High School will use cameras in the classrooms for video and audio taping. Cameras will be used on buses transporting students for video and audion taping.  The primary use of the cameras is to assist in school disciplinary or law enforcement decisions, and we hope to encourage positive behavior.  
    • In order to protect your child from inappropriate material on the internet, Brewton City Schools is committed to compliance with the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Although our internet system in filtered in accordance with CIPA guidelines, materials may be available through the internet that some would consider offensive.  Parents should be aware of the existence of these materials and must give signed permission for their child to access the internet.
    • The Brewton City Board of Education requires a monthly fire drill in each school.  A fire drill shall require complete evaluation of the buildings.  At least one severe weather drill shall be held during September, October, or November and at least one severe weather drill shall be helded during January, February, or March.  Each school shall document its compliance in conducting both types of drills (Board Policy 3.40)


Teaching Students
Red Ribbon Week
  • If you should have any questions or concerns,
    always feel free to contact your school principal: 
    Mr. Barry Wood, Principal, Brewton Elementary School 
    Mrs. Debbie Stokes
    Mrs. Madelyn Cave, Principal, Brewton Middle School 
    Ms. Tiffany Oliver, Assistant Principal, Brewton Middle School
    Mr. Chuck Alford, Principal, T.R. Miller High School
    Mr. Doug Gerety, Assistant Principal, T.R. Miller High School
    School Watch