• Brewton City Schools Instructional Program Model for English Learners


    The program instructional model that the Brewton City School System employs is Specially Designed Instruction in English(SDAIE).  Each student will be exposed to the Alabama College and Career Readiness Standards instruction given by a highly qualified core content teacher.  An Individualize English Language Program (I-ELP) will be designed to meet specific academic needs of the EL student.  


    Individual goal setting is implemented for ELLs using data driven analysis. Teachers differentiate through content, instruction, and expectations according to English proficiency level.


    ELL students are most often included in specially designed academic instruction in English classrooms where effective implementation of Tier 1 instruction takes place. Because most instruction occurs in the classroom, activities are tiered for appropriate levels of English proficiency according to ACCESS scores and incorporating WIDA standards. Providing differentiated instruction allows for appropriate accommodation (instruction, assessment, assignments), thus allowing for individual student needs to be met.


    The ELL program evaluates the specific needs at each school and provides differentiated instruction. The Brewton City School System believes that collaboration between the ELL liaison and teacher is vital to the academic success of ELLs. This success is achieved by using the components of differentiated instruction, WIDA standards, and effective teaching strategies.