• This mission is deeply rooted in a passion to bring expansion, education and awareness to the public about the adverse health implications from wearing too heavy of a backpack. This issue covers everyone, but our focus lies in addressing young children and teens, as their growing spines are much more at risk for irreversible damage. Visits to doctors across the board and emergency rooms have increased in epidemic numbers, where findings are noted of milder symptoms like muscle soreness to more serious issues such as herniated disks.

    Cases of scoliosis in our children have increased substantially and degenerative symptoms that are usually found as we age are being routinely reported in our young children and teens. This website is designed to help bring this issue to light, by implementing and designing structures that support change, such as legislation or a resolution.

    This mission links us together, no matter if you are a parent, health professional or just concerned individual for a united cause. We have included information, research, articles and links that help us see the damage that is not only happening outside, but more importantly, on the inside. Please browse through the selections available, take time to learn and join our passion by signing the petition.

    Share your story or suggestions so we can show our legislators how much we care by showing our support. Every comment matters! Thank you!