There are enrichment opportunities for all students in 1-4th grades through class activities and lessons.  Additional opportunities are available for third and fourth graders with the interest and ability.  Each of these students are exposed to topics and offered the criteria to participate in pull-out classes.  Students who are interested in these classes complete an assignment, which determines the ability of the student to participate.  Some of these units, which have recently been offered through Enrichment, include Lego My Simple Machines, Leadership, Chess, SET and Independent Projects.

    Lego My Simple Machines- Students use Legos to build, test and experiment with Simple Machines. 

    Leadership Team- Two students from each classroom are recommended based on leadership qualities to participate in character building activities.

    Chess- Students are taught the basics of chess followed by Chess Openings, Tactics and End Game Strategies.  This will prepare students for tournament play. 

     SET- SET is a card game of visual-spatial recognition.  Students are taught the attributes of the cards and how to recognize an appropriate set of three cards.  A grade level tournament is held with the winner from each grade to advance to the regional tournament at Troy University.

    Independent Projects- Students who are interested in a self-directed study meet periodically to monitor progress.  The topics are self-selected as well as the type of project to be completed.  This is an ongoing unit that may be completed in a very short period of time or over an extended period of time.