Brewton Elementary School recognizes that good grooming helps to make good students and that radical styles and attire are detriments to good discipline and distracting in the classroom.  The school believes that if students and parents are informed about what is expected, they will cooperate and help maintain schools of which we can be proud.  Students are expected to be clean, well groomed, and appropriately dressed for school at all times.  Pride in one's personal appearance is the first step toward success, and BES students are expected to have this pride.  Dress and appearance must not present health or safety problems or cause disruption of the educational process. Due to the sensitivity of students with allergies, wearing cologne/perfume is not permissible.  Sometimes, the use of certain jewelry, body markings, and/or colors is an indicator of group membership, which may support violent behaviors and control of others.  The school dress guidelines strive to make the school climate a safe and secure learning environment for all students.  Any dress deemed inappropriate and/or immodest by school authorities will be subjected to correction and/or disciplinary action, which may include, but not be limited to, change of dress, home referral, in-school and /or out of school suspension.  Any class time missed due to inappropriate attire will be considered as unexcused.


    •1.       All clothing must be size appropriate

    •2.       No hats, caps, bandannas, stocking caps or other forms of headgear are allowed in the building.

    •3.       Unnatural hair colors, (purple, green, blue, fluorescent, etc.), visible body piercing (with the exception of earrings) and/or facial ornaments are not permitted.  Necklaces that are long enough must be worn underneath outer clothing.  No earrings considered unsafe, such as hoops, dangles, wires, or any type that may encourage bodily injury, should not be worn at school. 

    •4.       Trench coats, slickers, chains, or gang-related clothing or paraphernalia will not be permitted.

    •5.       No clothing, jewelry, tattoos, body markings, and/or personal items with obscene or controversial wording or pictures will be allowed  (this includes items or clothing depicting alcohol, drugs, bars/lounges, tobacco, suggestive and/or offensive remarks).  Items and clothing with pictures of blood, skulls, violence, death, and weapons are not permitted.

    •6.       No see-through tops, bottoms, sport bras, halter bras, halter-tops, tank tops, fishnet, tube tops or tie-up blouses are permitted.  Students must be fully clothed at all times.  No bare midriffs, bare sides and/or extremely tight clothing are allowed. Blouses and dresses with spaghetti straps are not permitted without a shirt underneath.

    •7.       All jeans and pants must be worn at the top of the hip line or on the waist, regardless of shirt length.  All belts, fasteners, snaps, straps, etc. must be properly fastened and worn as intended.  Belts should be clearly visible with no excessive length. (No 42" belt on a 30" waist.)

    •8.      Young men are strongly encouraged to wear shirttails tucked inside pants.  Extremely long shirts must be tucked inside pants. 

    •9.      Jeans must be neat and clean.  They must be in good condition and have no holes.  Patches or other items must not be obscene or offensive in any manner.  Cut-offs and/or ragged hems are unacceptable.

    10. All shorts, dresses and skirts must be no shorter than mid-thigh length.   When sitting or standing, under-garments should not be visible.  Mid-thigh length may be inappropriate for some students, and the Principal or designee will make that determination.

    11. No underwear clothing should be worn as outerwear or exposed from underneath shorts, pants or tops.

    12. Swimsuits, gym shorts, tights, spandex shorts, leggings, biker pants, cotton sweat pants, see-through wind pants, and nylon sports shorts are not appropriate.

    13. No sunglasses, single gloves or dress sleeve gloves will be permitted in the building.

    14. Tennis shoes or sneakers are recommended for comfort and safety in all areas of the school.  Cleats, crocs, clogs, beach thongs, beach shoes, house shoes, sandals that are unsafe, flip-flops, slides, soccer sandals, Sunday dress shoes, boots with high heels, Heelys or Birkenstock style or solid soles that are not flexible are not acceptable school wear.

    15. With the approval of the principal, the extra-curricular activity sponsor may establish additional rules for grooming and dress as a prerequisite for membership and participation.

    Note: This dress code is a guideline to acceptable attire and cannot be considered completely exclusive.  Therefore, when other forms of dress are deemed inappropriate for reasons not listed, the administration will address the violation.  In matters of opinion, the judgment of the administration will prevail.