When transporting students the main goal of the Brewton City Board of Education is to get students safely to and from school and school related activities.  To assist in monitoring bus transportation, buses may be equipped with video and audio equipment.  Students are susceptible to video and audio taping whenever they are on a school bus.  Appropriate student bus behavior is defined very succinctly for students.  They are to sit flat on the seat, sit facing the front of the bus, and ride quietly.  The driver is responsible for the safety of those on the bus and, together with the school principal, shall have authority for discipline on the bus.  A bus driver may assign seats to any or all students.

    If a student is going to the home of a transported student after school, the student will not be able to ride the bus.  Bringing a note to school to ride the bus will not release the parents from the obligation of providing transportation.  If there is an emergency, the superintendent or principal must be notified.

    When getting off the school bus and it is necessary to cross the street, students must always cross in front of the bus.  Always look both ways and do not cross the street until the school bus is stopped, the stop arm is out, all traffic has stopped, and the driver motions that it is safe.  To provide visibility for the driver and the student, always cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus.

    Any breakage, injury, or damage to the bus or bus equipment, which is caused by a careless or willful act, shall be paid for by the offending student.

    While there may be inconsistencies in the Code of Conduct and the Bus Rules of Conduct due to the differences in the environment, both the Code of Conduct and the Bus Rules of Conduct shall be considered when applying consequences for inappropriate behavior.

    The responsibilities of students while being transported are to:

    • comply with school rules while being transported,
    • be ready in the morning at the scheduled time for the bus to arrive at your stop,
    • not stand or play in the street while awaiting the bus,
    • wait until bus has come to a stop before attempting to get on or off,
    • leave the bus only at your home stop or with consent of the driver,
    • enter or leave the bus only at the front door of vehicle except in case of emergency,
    • not exchange seats or move around in the bus while it is in motion,
    • make room for other students to get on or off the bus,
    • not extend head, arms or hands from window of bus,
    • refrain from yelling or shouting at anyone,
    • not throw any object in or at the bus, nor out the bus window,
    • keep the bus clean and sanitary, and
    • refrain from eating or drinking on the bus.